Vets All Natural Complete Mix 800g Grain/Gluten Free

Vets All Natural Complete Mix 800g Grain/Gluten Free

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Complete Mix Grain/Gluten Free

In the wild, canines and felines eat muscle meat, organ meat and the vegetable matter from the gut of their prey animal. Complete Mix mimics the gut content and when mixed with meat, makes a truly balanced natural diet which they have evolved on over millions of years.

Complete Mix Grain/Gluten Free is an everyday diet mix to add to fresh meat for adult dogs and puppies. We have formulated this variety for those wanting to feed their dog a Grain/Gluten Free alternative as an everyday diet and is ideal for dogs with a gluten and/or grain intolerance. Dogs that have had ongoing sensitive skin and/or sensitive stomach issues should also consider this variety.

The balanced ingredient and low carbohydrates help to correct underlying intestinal and digestion problems therefore supporting irritable bowls and sensitive stomachs.

If you are feeding a Grain Free dry food, we’d encourage you to add at least some balanced fresh meat with Complete Mix Grain Free and watch your dog enjoy the succulent meat they naturally crave.


Flax meal, peas, green lentils, red split lentils, carrot, calcium, yeast, parsley, potato starch, barley grass, kelp, lecithin, garlic and vitamin C

Daily feeding guide

Feed to target weight. This feeding guide should be used as a guide only – the amount of food your dog needs will vary with activity levels, breed, life stage and gender. Monitor their body condition score and increase or decrease their food accordingly.

Adult Dogs

Body weight Complete Mix Fresh water Fresh meat
5 kg 15g 15ml 125g
6-10 kg 30g 30ml 220g
11-15 kg 45g 45ml 390g
16-20 kg 50g 50ml 400g
21-25 kg 60g 60ml 460g
26-30 kg 65g 65ml 525g
31-35 kg 75g 75ml 595g
36-40 kg 80g 80ml 640g
41-45 kg 90g 90ml 720g
46-50 kg 100g 100ml 800g


Body weight Complete Mix Fresh water Fresh meat
0-1 kg 12g 12ml 96g
2 kg 16g 16ml 128g
3 kg 20g 20ml 160g
4 kg 26g 26ml 208g
5 kg 32g 32ml 256g
6-10 kg 52g 52ml 416g
11-15 kg 72g 72ml 576g
16-20 kg 100g 100ml 800g
21-25 kg 125g 125ml 1000g
26-30 kg 140g 140ml 1120g
31-35 kg 160g 160ml 1280g
36-39 kg 175g 175ml 1400g
41-45 kg 185g 185ml 1480g
46-50 kg 195g 195ml 1560g