Vets All Natural Complete Mix Sensitive Skin
Vets All Natural Complete Mix Sensitive Skin
Vets All Natural Complete Mix Sensitive Skin

Vets All Natural Complete Mix Sensitive Skin

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Complete Mix for Sensitive Skin

In the wild, canines and felines eat muscle meat, organ meat and the vegetable matter from the gut of their prey animal. Complete Mix mimics the gut content and when mixed with meat, makes a balanced natural diet.

There is a huge allergy problem within the dog and cat community and in most cases it is caused by diet. I have scientifically formulated this new Complete Mix Sensitive Skin variety with completely natural ingredients. It targets the cause of skin problems, not the symptoms.  It contains probiotics for healthy digestion, anti-oxidants for a healthy immune system and Omega 3 for healthy skin and a shiny coat. This product should be mixed with Kangaroo or Tripe and used in conjunction with Omega Blend Oils and Skin & Coat Formula for really bad skin allergy problems.


Rolled oats, cracked barley, flax seed meal, carrots, split peas, calcium carbonate, parsley, kelp, lecithin, barley grass, Vitamin C, dried garlic, Protexin®, milk thistle, omega 3 powder, quercetin, green tea, zinc, colostrum, astragalus and perilla seed.

Daily feeding guide:

Feed to target weight. This feeding guide should be used as a guide only – the amount of food your dog needs will vary with activity levels, breed, life stage and gender. Monitor their body condition score and increase or decrease their food accordingly.

Adult Dogs

For puppies use our Puppy Mix

Body weight Complete Mix Fresh water Fresh meat
5 kg 30g 30ml 95g
6-10 kg 55g 55ml 170g
11-15 kg 75g 75ml 230g
16-20 kg 100g 100ml 300g
21-25 kg 115g 115ml 350g
26-30 kg 130g 130ml 395g
31-35 kg 150g 150ml 445g
36-40 kg 160g 160ml 480g
41-45 kg 180g 180ml 540g
46-50 kg 200g 200ml 600g