KONG® Curlz Teaser
KONG® Curlz Teaser
KONG® Curlz Teaser
KONG® Curlz Teaser

KONG® Curlz Teaser

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The corkscrew curl’s the key to the kitty party at the end of this glittering wand. Crazy-fast recoil sealed into the durable woven spirals mean when your cat pounces onto the feather and ribbon target, they’re rewarded with more wild, high-speed springing action launching them into further fun. 


  • Interactive cat wand toy that features a long, curly, colourful ribbon
  • Feathers and curly ribbons on the end of the long ribbon that acts as the ‘prey’
  • Encourages your cat’s natural instincts to hunt and chase
  • Creates unpredictable, bouncing movements to entertain your kitty
  • Fast recoil mechanism sewn into the long ribbon to retain the curly shape
  • Durable, glittery wand that helps you control the movements
  • Great for everyday exercise and bonding with your cat

Colour: Multicoloured

Bond with your feisty feline with the KONG CAT Curlz Teaser Wand Toy!

Note: Inspect products frequently. Supervised use only. Remove all packaging. Discontinue use if damaged.