Da Bird Long Sparkle Kitty Duster Wand

Da Bird Long Sparkle Kitty Duster Wand

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Hand made in the USA with real feathers and sparkly rainbow mylar, Da Bird Teasers are a fun and interactive toy that will keep both you and your cats entertained for hours.

It's great exercise for your cat, which will help prolong their life, plus it's a tonne of fun to watch your cat on a wild chase as you twirl and wave the feathers in the air. Otherwise hold da bird to the ground and watch your cat go into stalk mode and get ready to pounce. Just don't leave your cat alone with it because cats literally love them to pieces! Da Bird toys are strong and will last quite a long time with normal use. 

Features of the Long Wild Thing:

  • Long Wand - 90cm
  • Colourful, fluttering feather and rainbow mylar
  • Durable PVC rod
  • Great interactive play for your cat

As this is a natural, handmade product, there may be slight variations to colour and features depicted in photos.

Please Note: The colours of the Da Sparkle Kitty Duster you receive may be different to the one we have pictured. We'll choose one for you at random when you place your order.