Go Cat Feather Cat Teaser Toy - Short Cat Tail

Go Cat Feather Cat Teaser Toy - Short Cat Tail

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Keep your feline friend happy and active with the Da Bird Cat Tail Teaser Wand!

Perfect for all-day fun, the Cat Tail Teaser Wand features a fuzzy and fun cat tail toy that felines love to chase. Wave the wand above your cat’s head or drag the cat tail across the floor and watch your kitty chase and pounce! Accented with small feathers on the end, this cat tail will keep your pet entertained for hours. The long, sturdy wand makes it easier to play with your cat and control the movement of the wand.


  • Interactive cat teaser wand toy for felines with fuzzy cat tail to entice your pet to play
  • Cat tail flops around in unpredictable movements that cats love
  • Encourages cat’s chasing instincts and helps keep your cat active and entertained all day long
  • Features a few feathers on the end for extra fun
  • Long, sturdy wand for more reach and easy to control/maneuver
  • Great for all cats to use and long-lasting cat teaser toy
  • Made in USA

Length: 46cm

As this is a natural, handmade product, there may be slight variations to colour and features depicted in photos. 

Please Note: The colours of the Da Feather Teaser you receive may be different to the one we have pictured. We'll choose one for you at random when you place your order.